Wild Coast Celebration

Sophia Pinheiro Vergara © Ella Daish

Sophie Maplesden Wild Coast Sussex Assistant Project Officer Last month we celebrated the success that the Wild Coast Sussex project has seen so far, with a Wild Coast Sussex celebration party! This was an event held at SEA LIFE Brighton to recognise the achievements of the project in the past three years and the people… Continue reading Wild Coast Celebration

Silent Disco Beach Cleans!

By Ruby Storthard Wild Coast Sussex Volunteer Litter on our beaches poses a huge threat to our local marine wildlife. To help tackle this, Wild Coast Sussex have offered a fun, hands-on way for young people to engage with protecting our seas through a series of silent disco beach cleans! I got involved with this… Continue reading Silent Disco Beach Cleans!

Sea slugs – celebrating hidden gems in the ocean

Flabellina Sea Slug © Paul Naylor

By Alicja Szalanska Volunteer, Wild Coast Sussex The 29th October marks International Sea Slug Day, a celebration of these captivating yet often overlooked oceanic wonders. It’s also a day to acknowledge the lifelong dedication of marine biologist Terry Gosliner, who has tirelessly studied and conserved these remarkable creatures. In this post, let’s dive into the world… Continue reading Sea slugs – celebrating hidden gems in the ocean

Ghost Gear – What are we doing about it?


By Sophie Atkinson Wild Coast Sussex Project Officer Last week’s episode of Planet Earth III shed light on one of the biggest threats to marine life globally – ghost gear. Ghost gear is the term used to describe abandoned, lost, or discarded fishing gear, and is so named as it continues to capture and trap marine animals… Continue reading Ghost Gear – What are we doing about it?

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